"I want you to know the minute I attached the pads and turned on the Muscle Massage, I was overwhelmed with how good it felt, and how much like a real massage with a 'masseuse'.  Thank you for the relief I've received!"

      S. Palumbo, Placerville, California

      "I have been to therapy since February and had no relief from this hurt shoulder.  After six months of going to different bone and joint specialist, I tried your product.  After using your muscle massager three times, I began to have more motion and reach.  I will recommend this unit to everybody even doctors."

      E. Tijerina, Del Rio, Texas

      "I just had my 41st birthday. I've had Fibromyalgia for 14 years. I've tried pain killers, both over the counter and prescription, exercises, physical therapy and heating pads. Nothing has helped. I ordered my Muscle Massage hoping it would help my Migraine Headaches. And it did, but I also noticed a huge difference in my Fibromyalgia. It was better for the first time in 14 years. Within 3 weeks of using it for the first time, I was sleeping at night without any pain. I could play with my children and be a "real mom" again. This may sound odd, but I would have to say that it changed not only my life, but my children's also. They got their Mom back. Recently my 9 year old daughter was having a flare up of her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I let her use the Muscle Massage on the gentle setting on low. In the words of a child, she said it helped the pain and made her feel better. I am ordering 2 more, 1 more for our family and 1 for my Dad. Thank you, it's made a big change in our family."

      K. Waldrup, Lilburn United States

      "Thank God for Dr. Ho!  I have had serious back pain ever since 1976.  I was a Police Officer and I was assisting the Rescue Squad lift a large patient into an Ambulance.  I ruptured a disk in my lower back, between the forth and fifth vertebra.  I have been suffering for over 25 years with pain, until I bought DR-HO'S™  Muscle Massage System.  I am simply amazed at how well it works.  When I have pain, I use DR-HO'S™  Muscle Massage System, and within 20 minutes my pain is gone!!!  Thank you Dr. Ho "

       W. Heyd, Oakland, California

      "I have a lot of BAD headaches also Fibromyalgia. I have to say sometimes I live on Dr Ho's massage system. I have a lot of muscle tension in my shoulders and upper back. My tension is really deep and I thought if this massager doesn't reach it I'll send it back. Well I've had it now for over a year. I've had to replace a few parts because I used it all the time. I've tried many products in the years and I can say this one I got my moneys worth. I've turned all my friends on to this great massager. I'm Sooooo glad I found this one. Thanks DR HO"

       Dee Herscher, Kent, Washington

      "I have lupus (SLE)-osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, polymyositis. My husband has two disks that are finished in his back plus he has osteoporosis as well in his lower back. I let my husband try it first on his lower back-he couldn't get past the number two mark as he felt it was high enough-he always had trouble getting out of his lazy boy chair-after only 10 minutes of one treatment he just couldn't get over it-now it was my turn. I have terrible varicose veins in my right leg so I tried it and it relieved the pain some after a ten minute treatment. Then I tried it on my lower back for a 20 minute treatment at the number two level. I always have trouble turning on my side or back in bed as the pain I have in my lower back is astronomical. Believe it or not, last night was the first night in years that I had no trouble turning on my side or back and getting out of bed."

      R.M. Arsenault, Fort-Coulonge, Quebec

      "I just had my first massage with this device.   WOW!!!  I've had neck surgery and suffer from headaches, stiff neck and shoulders.  This massage was so soothing and relaxing and the best feature is I can take it with me wherever I go.  I love it.  Thank you so much for offering this product through HSN."

      R. Sweat, Newberg, Oregon

      "I just want to sincerely thank you for your product. I am a children's national performer, and being a one woman show, I sometimes have to lift my own speakers and amplifier. This gives me many spasms and muscle tension and pain, and I also have fibromyalgia. I bring "you" wherever I go to sing and reach out to children, and I can't tell you how many times your little product has saved me and made my body feel better. Thank you so very much for the best product!"

      C. Baskin, Hopkinton, Manitoba

      "I have your muscle therapy machine and I enjoy it a lot. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident 3 years ago and am still suffering the consequences. The machine keeps the spasms and headaches in check, but does not cure it indefinitely. I am still trying to convince my insurance company that this is a needed device they should reimburse me for to no avail."

      L. Terry, Regina, Saskatoon

      "I bought your Muscle Therapy off the shopping channel one year ago today and I love it. I am treating my upper back for shoulder tension that I have had for 11 years. I had tried everything before even doctors nothing worked. But the very first day I used your muscle therapy about 20 minutes of usage, I could feel the difference. I could finally sleep the whole night through without the throbbing in my shoulder and turn my head fully in each direction. I used your product every day for about 3 months. I am now down to once every two weeks or so. I like the size of your product the best I can take it anywhere. My condition now is much better again thank you very much."

      J. McKeegan, Petawawa, Ontario

      "I bought my Dr. Ho's about a month ago through the TSTV(cable 21) infomercial. I use it mainly on my neck and shoulders which is where I seem to have constant/chronic problems. I also use it on the lower back too sometimes, but the upper back is my problem area. It feels great to be able to have my own massage whenever I need to without having to run to the chiropractor for a treatment. I also like the different massage modes, & the timer."

      J. Harrison, Brampton, Ontario

      "I have had my machine for about one week now and just love it. I have used it every day and it has helped me a great deal. I get these treatments at my chiropractor's but it is not covered by my insurance so I can't afford to get the treatments at every visit. Since I have your machine I can give myself the treatments anytime that I want them and I feel great.

      I have chronic back pain and have a lot of pain across my shoulders all the time. Since I have been using your machine the pain in my shoulders is almost gone in just one week.

      I am so glad that you thought of this. You have certainly made my life a lot better since I am not in pain all the time. Thank you for coming up with this great machine."

      I. Molesworth, Vincennes, Indiana

      "I am very happy owner of your muscle therapy unit. I am using it to treat my lower back pain. I have suffered from this condition for almost 5 years. The machine helped to relax my back muscles and I was feeling much better after about a couple of weeks."

      My condition now is much improved and I use the unit every few days to keep things loose and relaxed."

      M. Eng, Vancouver, British Columbia

      "I have suffered from severe neck pain, and lower back pain for 10 years. After trying Dr- Ho's Muscle Massage System in the Fairview Mall in Toronto, in July I was amazed how much this helped, I knew right away that I had to have the Do-Ho's Muscle  Massage System. I have used Do-Ho's System on many occasions since my return to  Nova Scotia. I would recommend Dr-Ho's Muscle Massage System to anybody who has chronic neck & lower back pain."

      A.M. Cuvelier, Halifax, Nova Scotia

      "While sitting on an uncomfortable couch in January of this year suffering incapacitating lower back spasms from an extruded disc at L3/L4 (Had laminectomy on L4/L5 L5/S1 in 1977) I was surfing the cable channels when I saw Dr. Ho with a Tens/Muscle-Stim unit on the Home Shopping Network.  I had never before ordered anything off the television but the thought of relieving my severe pain without the use of medication was quite attractive.

      I got out my credit card and 2 weeks later the unit arrived, just in time not to need it.  However, 2 days later I submitted myself to an orthopedic exam which left me with more severe muscle spasms.  I then sat down in my family room, watched the video, and experimented with my new machine.  Forty minutes later I was able to get up, walk around and function with no pain.  As if almost by magic, the areas of my lower back beneath the electrode/gel pack were pain-free!  Was this a fluke, or had I found a device for about $100 that would be nothing less than a savior!

      The unit has helped me immensely in the last 6 months.  It allows me to reduce the pain from severe to barely noticeable.  I use the device when I need to.  I wear the electrodes on my back (but not connected to the unit) in situations that may cause pain.. If I need to, I just plug myself in.

      Because the benefits of surgery at this point do not outweigh the risks, Dr Ho's Muscle Massager is a vital part of my life.  In fact, I own 2 of them...one at home and one at my office.

      By the way, this is a completely unsolicited testimonial."

      Dr. R. Sirotnik, Riverside, California

      "I would like to express my delight with your product. It is truly amazing how efficiently it works and on so many parts of the body. It is also very relaxing and I look forward to using it after a lot of physical activity or on damp days when I feel stiff and sore.

      I am truly appreciative that you have developed an aid that is so exceptional in the relief of pain, it lives up to claims made and more."

      S. Pinkney, Collingwood, Ontario

      "Just wanted to let you know that I have recently purchased your product and am really enjoying it's benefits. After serious back problems I had surgery a few months ago. Although the surgery took out the problem it did not rebuild the muscles or remove the pain. Your product has given me the first real drug free pain relief I have had in almost a year."

      C. Rougeau, Edmonton, A

      "I had three operations in my back and one in my left hip, the last 2 surgical operations in my lower back L4-L5 dates as far back to 1978-79. these operations left me with chronic pains and I had to retire from work in 1989, I was taking strong pain reliever like Empracet and sometimes Demerol, I was on an anti inflammatory since then I also went to pain clinics in Montreal but nothing happened to relieve me of my pains, I was prescribed a TENS that I used for a few years but it never worked for me. Since June 11 2001 I am using your Dr Ho's muscular exerciser and it is wonderful for me it really takes away my pains, I still can't believe it, I have all the dates of my operations and the hospital and the doctor's name on file. At first when I saw your advertising on TV I must admit that I was skeptic, I told myself what have I got to loose but a little money to ease my pains after all I had tried the TENS which I bought about 20 year's ago and paid 400.00$ and thought since then technology has changed."

 H. Russell, Sainte Catherine, PQ.

      " Hi,
I just wanted to let you know first of all, how much I LOVE your massager. I have painful shoulder spasms and the only way I can get any relief at all is by massage and I can't reach it myself. My husband thanks you for this unit because he doesn't have to deep massage my shoulder every night anymore! I also wanted to let you know what a GREAT Customer Service department you have. Laura, in particular, has just been fabulous. I returned a unit for a replacement and it got lost in the mail. She was right on top of it and was very responsive to me.

      P. Corbett, Pelham, NH

      " I have been suffering from lower back pain for 20 yrs.( I have a compressed disk) the pain is not constant , but when it "locks up" I can barely move. About a week ago it happened again. The only way I could move was to take 2 Tylenol 3 every four hours. The drug makes you feel drugged and one may as well stay in bed. A local Health Nurse who gave me the Tylenol said John, I'll let you borrow a little device that has worked for me. It was a Dr.Ho. After 3 days of using this I feel 80% better and have placed my order today for my own device. I can put the electrodes on my back and even walk around while it does it's job. I can now function "drug Free", and feel my usual 6-8 wk recovery using drug will be reduced to 2 weeks. I can usually feel when I am going to get this "lock up" and I think with Dr. Ho at my side I will be able to prevent to full blown attack. Will report later on my success/failures with this device."

J. Farynowski, Haines Junction,Yukon

      " I ordered the double massage unit for shoulder, neck and back pain. After having seen a chiropractor for years, I thought I would try this unit since it seemed similar to the one used in the office. Well, I don't use the one in the chiropractors office any more because I don't go to the chiropractor anymore. I can't wait to order the larger pads to get even more relief. I have let others use the unit and they too were instantly sold on the product. You definitely won't be disappointed if you order. Thank you Dr. Ho. "

B.Bisek, Savage,MN

      " Fantastic.  I was injured at the age of 26. I since have problems with my lower back. I go to my chiropractor every week.  Dr-Ho's machine is not a miracle. It will not cure my backpain....but it is the best pain killer I come across in 14 years.  I am very active, but my activities have evolved over the years into "non back stressing" activity. I can do 160 pounds bench press, but taking a walk for hours with my kids is hurting me like hell.  Well this Sunday, I went to an exposition with my kids, (I had install the machine under my shirt) and from time to time, I was giving me some therapy. IT WORKED. I spent the day with my family without having to sit down or take a break.  Thank you very very much."

D. Robidoux, Candiac, QC

      "This a follow up to my last note to you.  My Doctor had written a prescription for my purchase and I had turned the script and invoice into my health insurance company for reimbursement. My insurance company approved the expenditure and has reimbursed me for the cost of your unit as a medical expense.  Thank you again."

J. D. Reid, Cape Coral FL

      "After having your massage unit, I decided to try your pillow. It is very much different than other similar pillows I have tried. So far I am very impressed with all of your products.  I have a idea for you, a mattress pad made of this memory foam. If you could make a queen size pad. I would be happy to try it for you. It could sell 200,00 or more if it worked. A 4" pad of memory foam covered in terry would sell well even at $400 to $500.  Thank You!"

G. C. Briest

      "I am amazed how much this product works! I purchased the unit only a couple of days ago and now I look forward to treating my arm which I hurt at work as I know it will bring me relief!  I like the idea that I can take it with me to work and can use it during my coffee break to get relief from the pain!  It would be wonderful to have an adapter to use as I am sure I will be buying batteries by the bulk as I intend to make good use of the unit.  A couple of years ago I had surgery on my finger on my right hand and I almost lost it. I have not been able to bend it towards my palm all the way for some time now. So I thought I would have nothing to loose by trying the product on my finger. I am still amazed that I can say for the first time in a long time I can now move my finger more than I have in a while!

Thank you Dr Ho for developing a product that people can truly use and find the relief they need!  I can't wait to let my friend who suffers from severe migraines try it out I am sure when I do another sale will be made!  Thank you again"

L. Holland, Guelph, Ontario

      " I am writing to tell you how Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy has helped my sore back and elbows. I have suffered a sore back and tennis elbow for seven years. I enjoy walking and playing golf but due to pain I have been unable to participate in these activities at times. I have tried various techniques to ease my pain such as icing, heat therapy, medications, braces and physical therapy. I was shopping one day and was persuaded to try Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy on my back and neck. I was nervous at trying it out but after using it my back felt much better and decide to purchase the Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy System. Now I use Dr. Ho's every day to treat my sore back and elbows. I find it particularly helpful for when I play golf. Before I had Dr. Ho's my back and elbows would be extremely sore after 9 holes of golf. Now I use Dr. Ho's before and right after a game of golf and now I can play 18 holes of golf no problem. Thanks Dr. Ho!"

      K. Brettle, Hanna, AB, Canada

      "I bought my Dr.Ho Muscle Therapy today at around noon, i had a shoulder pain that was bothering me for about five days, it was still bothering me when I decided to try the equipment, just the trial got rid of my shoulder pain. The reason I bought the Dr.Ho Muscle Therapy was for a lower back pain I had for the past year and a half, I came home, watched the instruction tape and used the machine on my lower back and abdominal for about an hour and a half. I play tennis and yesterday I could not move laterally because it was just too painful to move to the left side, today after using Dr.Ho I was able to move any way I wanted, believe me I was amazed, so was my girlfriend. thank you  Dr.Ho, I like the fact that you can adjust the intensity and the type of massage. I give Dr.Ho an eleven out of a possible ten. I can't say thank you to express the way i feel right now, because I was so frustrated after trying everything else and spent a lot of money trying to get better.  thank you, thank you , thank you.............. "

W. Hemans, Toronto, Ontario

      " I have been suffering from headaches, lower back pain and shoulder pain. I used to drink Paracetamol every time so I can keep working. When I had my headache (after the system arrived), I didn't wait any longer to try the new system. Amazingly, after 20 minutes the pain was gone and I didn't have to drink medicine. This way, I'm not only pain free but I'm so being good to my liver (which has been affected by drinking strong pain reliever).  Thanks."

C. R. Matillano, Quakers Hill, Australia

      " I have been using your product for the past few months now, and I think it is a great invention. I played baseball in the Men's Senior Baseball League for 12 yrs. and tore up my shoulder 3 yrs ago diving head first into second base. I had major rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder about 3 yrs ago and have been using your muscle massage machine on my shoulder. The machine helps to stimulate but also relaxes the muscles in my shoulder. It's been a very slow and painful recovery but I have full range of motion in my shoulder but the shoulder is still painful and weak. I've been doing my daily stretching and weight training 2-3 times a week to work on my strength. I used to be able to handle 45 lb. dumbbells but I can only use a 5 lb. dumbbell doing my shoulder work with my right shoulder. I am 49 yrs old now and I had to give up playing ball, but I am determined to get more strength in my shoulder."

Benson :)

      " I had damaged my sciatic nerve last November. I lost complete use of my right leg. I had extreme pain from muscle spasms. I ordered a muscle massage unit in December off of HSN TV. It has been a wonderful tool to relax the muscles from spasms and help my sciatic nerve to be able to heal. I had such wonderful results that my mother has borrowed it to help ease the pain in her middle back. It is worth every penny! I am so glad that I bought it. I really like the handy carrying case. It helps keep my unit in good working condition.  Thanks so much."

P. Heller, Louisville, KY, USA

      "Please let me tell you how much your double massage system has helped me. I have had a problem with my lower back/left hip for almost 11 years. I have been to PT which helped a lot but it became too expensive and time consuming to keep up after 6 months. I was never completely pain free during this time. However, it helped a lot. I was given Daypro and Dorvacet and exercise to do at home between weekly visits. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to  have this problem forever. Some time I had a very hard time walking because of the pain. Nothing ever showed up in X-Rays so it was hard to prove that I had this pain. I ordered your system two weeks ago. I received it while I was on
vacation so I could use it as often as I wanted. I can't believe it but I am almost PAIN FREE!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for putting your system on the market."

S. Moody

      "We ordered this device in Feb 2001, in April we took a ski vacation to Colorado. Everyone is always sore after a day skiing, well that's when Dr. Ho's massage system really proved to be the best purchase we have made off of t.v. No pain relief medication could relieve some of the pains you have from skiing, sore arms, sore back, neck, legs, etc. We were all fighting to get the massage system first. After using it on this vacation and realizing that relief from your back our, we knew this was the best thing for us. We don't need the chiropractor when you have this massage system.

I sew quite a bit, since I love quilting. One day I had sewn for over 5 hours straight. I had severe shoulder, neck,& back pains. In addition to using the wrong kind of chair to sit in while sewing my left hip was killing me. I immediately searched my husband's dresser for Dr. Ho (we have shortened the name of the massage system), I attached it to my neck and shoulder blade area first, but continued sewing since I had a class that night that I was supposed to have my quilt project blocks sewn. For the next hour I moved Dr. Ho (shortened name) to every aching part. While sewing I thought that if I went to quilt class that night, I would be too sore to sew, so I had debated not going. Well, I love quilting so much I went to class 2 hours later, contined sewing in class and had no pains at all. Every pain that I had in my neck, hip, shoulder blades and back was gone. This item is truly amazing. Everyone in our family uses it for aches and pains (2 adults, 2 athletic children)."

      Dr. Ho Believers
Ted & Marie Choucalas

      "I am a mother of two (18 months and 4 years) which requires a lot of bending and lifting. We are also packing to move to a new home. I use Dr. Ho's system to help to relieve back stress. It works wonderfully. I was watching HSN a saw the large flex tone pads and was wondering how to get them for my unit? I don't have a lot of time to relieve stress and the new pads look like they could cover a large area therefore more productive. I was also wondering if they will help get my stomach back in shape after carrying two babies? I love the portability of the unit and the different choices of intensity it offers. Thanks!"

      K.  Wynns, Huntersville,NC USA

      "Dr. Ho changed my life, it's soothing, relaxing, and messaging sensation has cured my tennis elbow. It's portable, powerful, comfortable, and very easy to use. It's not painful in the least. I'm very impressed and use it for numerous things. I've told my family and friends and they loved, and am recommending it to you.

      T.  Abrams, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

      " I recently suffered from an extremely stiff neck and couldn't turn my head in either direction. After 3 weeks I finally went to the chiropractor. On my initial visit, I got treated with his machine, and immediately remembered the Dr Ho infomercials. I knew that if your machine could do anything close to the one my Dr. had, I had to have one.  My Dr Ho machine has greatly increased my recovery time, and I use it all the time to help me relax. It works in minutes."

      T.Turner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

      "I personally don't own one. One of my co-workers has one and she got it in Canada. One morning I woke up in such pain in my left shoulder that I was in tears. I believe I was having a muscle spasm in my shoulder, however, I told my co-worker and she suggested that she bring this massage therapy machine to work. Well, I had to suffer all that night until the next day...but in the mean time I took a half of a Perkaset to relieve the pain.

Well, the next day came, I was still in a little pain, but anyhow she place the machine gel pads on my shoulder and immediately I was in tears from the comfort that I was getting from such a little device. She let me take the machine home for a week while she was away on travel. I used the machine until the batteries ran out. It was so soothing.

The only thing negative is that at that time she only had the "smaller pads" after watching a HSN show advertising the Dr Ho's Massage Therapy Machine, I saw that he had wider pads.

I will be purchasing one for myself in the near future. Oh what a relief!"

      G. Drake, Decatu, Georgia

      "I recently purchased my Dr. Ho's double massager and I have been using it 24-7...Non-Stop. I'm just afraid I will wear it out!!!

I care for my elderly mother of 82...Who suffers from Alzheimer's. I have been caring for her for the last 11 years and thought I could No longer do this. I suffer with my upper back, lower back, shoulders, hips, legs and arms.......From bathing, feeding, lifting and just plain caring for her. Plus I home-school my grandchildren...So when I'm not busy with Mom...I'm busy with the grandchildren. So this 65 year old body of mine; just takes a beating!!!

My poor husband would try to help massage me...But he Could Never do what this 'Wonderful' product does for me.

I have seen your TV ads...so many times and Now I am just kicking myself for not getting this sooner!!!

Now, I don't have to bother my poor husband or go to those expensive massage parlors here in Hawaii (which last just while you are there). I Love this product...You Dr. Ho are a Life Saver and a Sweetheart. Mahalo (Thank You) and God Bless You, Dr. Ho!!!!

      ps: In fact...I am using this Wonderful product Right now...while writing to you!!"

L. Nunes-Sakai, Honolulu, Hawaii


       "I have owned a Dr. Ho Message System for a couple months now.   I constantly had back problems.  Since purchasing the Dr. Ho system I have found that just putting on the gel pads for 10 to 20 minutes eliminates my problem.   Not only does it help me almost immediately but I do not seem to have reoccurring problems as often.  I have taken it with me on vacation, to work, in the car, I do not go anywhere now without it!!  I also have had my family try it and they too are ordering a Dr. Ho for themselves.  I love it!!!"

      K. Clark, Peoria, IL

      "I used to suffer from a quite severe case of Plantar Facitis. I was forced to cease playing soccer for over a year, before I heard about Dr. Ho.
I must admit, I wasn't very confident in it at first, but after about a week of using it before any strenuous activity, the pain eventually subsided.
Now I use it not only to help my foot problem, but also to massage my tense neck and upper body.  Dr. Ho is simply amazing. It is very easy to use, small and convenient and offers quick, effective relief of most any pain.  I have recommended it to my friends, and family who love it as well. I wish to thank you on not only mine, but their behalf as well.  Thank you Dr. Ho!!!"

      M. Scoles, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

      "I purchased DO-HO'S MUSCLE MASSAGE SYSTEM™ about a year ago and I love it. I had back problems from lifting all day at work and after 10min my back pain was gone! For being so small and light this product is very strong and I use it every day. I love the carry case it comes in because I strap it on my belt at work and use it during my lunch hour. Now I can go strong all day long and go home feeling great! I also had ankle and knee pain from basketball, now I use my DO-HO'S MUSCLE MASSAGE SYSTEM™ between games and I don’t cramp up nor have any leg pain. I have no complaints and love the fact that the batteries seem to last forever! Thank you for making such a great product!"

      D. Vargas, San Antonio, Texas

      "The Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy machine is the best money I have ever spent on anything. I am 17 and during this summer I have been working as a baker. Standing on my feet for 8-12 hours a day has put a lot of strain on my joints, including my back, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, rotators. After work the first thing I do is slap the pads on the area that hurts the most and then move to the rest of the areas. By the time I am done (usually the preprogrammed 10 minutes on each) I feel like I haven't worked at all. I also love to use it when falling asleep... it is very comforting to have your shoulders or back massaged while going to bed.

Added onto all of this I have recently acquired and undiagnosed problem with the joints in my hands. They have been very sore for the last 8 months and the doctors are trying to find out what is wrong. Though using Dr. Ho's machine on my hands is a bit uncomfortable, after a 10 minute treatment they feel 100 times better then before.

I would like to see an add on for the older Dr. Ho machines so they can handle 4 pads, like the new machines. I was kind of disappointed that right after I bought my machine the new ones came out. It would also be nice to see an option of choosing your own time for the timer, and a few more massage modes would be really cool, even though the ones on there already rock (maybe a mode that uses all three).

Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful product."

      C. Malchow, Spruce Grove, Alberta

      "My wife had been having leg cramps at night and I had been having shoulder aches and after using your Muscle Massage for 10 days, neither one of us has been bothered by our aches and pains. It has been a wonderful piece of equipment we wouldn't be without.
We hope many others who have aches and pains will give your Muscle Massage a try and we know they too will be as happy as we are.
We have gone thru quite a few sets of gel pads since we started and need to order more. We use it so much a set of pads doesn't last us long.
Perhaps we should have ordered TWO Massagers and then we wouldn't have to see who was going to use it first."

John and Janet Larson, Albuquerque, NM

      "I ordered this device March 2001, in June I went sailing. After a day of sailing your body can be unbelievably sore and that's when Dr. Ho's massage system really proved itself. No pain relief from some of the pains you have from sailing , sore back , sore arms, legs, etc. I knew this was the best thing for me. I don't need the chiropractor when I have this massage system.

I also fence a lot. One day I'd been at fencing practice for over 5 hours. I had a pair of old shoes because i had lost my good ones, my heels and calve muscle were so sore I could barely walk. I immediately searched my Fencing bag for Dr. Ho (I shortened the name of the muscle massage system), I attached it to my calves and then my heels, and within 20-40 min I felt perfectly fine the next day I bought a pair of good shoes and went fencing!"

      J. Shimnosky, Prince Albert , Saskatchewan

      "I originally purchased Dr. Ho's Muscle Massage System for my husband in 1998 who was having knee problems.  After a few sessions with the machine his knee was considerably better! (he had suffered for years with knee pain!) I have used it for pinched nerves in my back and it relieves the pain very quickly! We both have used it frequently for strained or pulled muscles and for tension relief and again great on all counts! I love the fact that you can change the intensity and the kind of massage and that it is so small that you can wear it under you clothes and no one knows! I have introduced it to many friends (about six have purchased their own).  My only one complaint is that the pads wear out so quickly and they are fairly expensive. If anything could be done to improve on the pads then it would be "THE PERFECT SYSTEM!" Thanks Dr. Ho.....this machine has been a life saver on more that one occasion!"

      B. Vaughan, Bradford, Ontario

      "I bought it 3 weeks ago I think it is awesome. I have 4 herniated discs in my lumbar spine and its works great in relieving tension I tell every one about it. What I need to know is the with the big pad can you get replacements for them also the plastic cover for them ripped what else can i use to keep them in good condition may I also suggest you should come up with a belt clip for pants that don't have belts, also you should make a plastic piece like you did with the small pads so you don't have to worry about loosing the clear plastic cover you stick on the back to keep pads in good shape. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work I love this product! Thanks again."

      T. Frazier

      "I have been using Dr-Ho's Muscle Massage System for the past several years. Recently I had another cervical fusion due to a fall thru the attic opening to the concrete floor beneath yet during that the recovery time while in my upper body brace I frequently used my system due to the muscle spasms in both my shoulder and back. Once again, this system helped greatly and during my last visit to the Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center I took my Massage System to show the therapist. She was impressed and I gave her the instructional booklet with the technical info as well, phone number and address included, so that she might call and inquire with regard to its use for her other many physical therapy patients there at the center. I would imagine that you will receive a call from her asking for additional information; she appeared quite interested in this product and I was quite happy to let her try mine so that she might see just how well it truly worked."

      S. H. Mathias, Virginia Beach,Virginia


      "I just had my 41st birthday. I've had Fibromyalgia for 14 years. I've tried pain killers, both over the counter and prescription, exercises, physical therapy and heating pads. Nothing has helped. I ordered my Muscle Massage hoping it would help my Migraine Headaches. And it did, but I also noticed a huge difference in my Fibromyalgia. It was better for the first time in 14 years. Within 3 weeks of using it for the first time, I was sleeping at night without any pain. I could play with my children and be a "real mom" again. This may sound odd, but I would have to say that it changed not only my life, but my children's also. They got their Mom back. Recently my 9 year old daughter was having a flare up of her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I let her use the Muscle Massage on the gentle setting on low. In the words of a child, she said it helped the pain and made her feel better. I am ordering 2 more, 1 more for our family and 1 for my Dad. Thank you, it's made a big change in our family."

      Kathy Waldrup, Lilburn, GA